Brief Note on the History of Classical Guitar and Vocal Arrangements

 Art songs with guitar were composed, arranged, and performed in the thousands in centuries before our own. The guitar, which is such a perfect accompaniment to the voice, was at one time heard everywhere in that role. In the 19th century alone there were a plethora of songs composed with guitar accompaniment (many of which were popular and semi-popular) and songs arranged for voice and guitar that were originally written for orchestra or piano. Examples of the latter include Leider from Brahms, Beethoven, Gounod and Schubert. From the 17th and 18th centuries as well many guitar songs survive, their accompaniments written in tablature. In the 20th and 21st centuries, art songs with voice and guitar have grown harder and harder to find as the guitar has become more and more of a solo instrument.

                While solo guitar and a cappela voice have become well developed over the last century, we have set out to explore and bring to life the beautiful art songs composed specifically for the  guitar and voice. Our multiple talents have also led us to the slightly more popular flute and guitar compositions and arrangements of both historic fame and world style music. With a love of both history and music in many genres, and we hope to share these arrangements as they would have been performed in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries and beyond in intimate gatherings, parlors, and celebratory events.

 (special thanks to Mr. Brian Jeffery of Tecla Publishing for his excellent help with the paraphrased introduction, most of the words and more of which can be found in "Music for Voice and Guitar", by Tecla Editions)

Amongst those many genres of interest, we perform not only Romantic and Classical Compositions, but also Celtic Music, Basic Jazz Standards, and Holiday music with various kinds of themed event music upon request. We are always working on new projects involving various composers and arrangements, and we look forward to sharing those projects with whom-ever might like to listen! 

Davenport Garden March 2018 Old Film Fil
Performances and Venues

We have the pleasure to perform for each of the following venues and organizations and more over the years:

~ Bamboo Farms Wedding

~ Cool Savannah

~ Tybee Island Lighthouse and Beach

~ Friends of the Owen's Thomas House

~ Northside Ministries 

~ Savannah Coffee Roasters

~ St. John's Episcopal Church Events

~ The Green-Meldrim House & Garden

~ St. Patrick's Day Snake Hunt 

~ St. Simon's Island Lighthouse

~ The Harper Fowlkes House

~ The Jepson Center

~ The Kehoe House

~ The Marshall House

~ Joes at the Jepson

~ The Owens-Thomas House

~ The Telfair Museum Academy

~ The William Jay Society

~ The Davenport House and Garden

~ Tongue: Open Mouth and Open Mic

~ Whitefield Square, Savannah

~ The Zeigler House Inn

~ Salvation Army Savannah Chapel & Community Center

~ Savannah Riverboat Cruises

~ Various Savannah Squares Downtown

~ Private Home Events

Classical Guitar Flute Voice Music