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The Dear Little Shamrock

Our Inspiration for the group - this fun folk song is what got us started!

Ashokan Farewell

James Unger's famous tune often used for Civil War documentaries due to its nostalgic feel, this is a fan favorite. Recorded in Reynold's Square Savannah, GA

Loch Lomond

Collaboration with the soldiers of Fort Jackson (the Republican Blues) - Music around the Campfire in the rain

Leid aus der Ferne

A Beautiful and Haunting Art song in German composed by Mauro Giuliani with words by Freiderich von Marrison, this is one of our favorites from the set of 6 (Sech Lieder, Op. 89)

Stille Nacht

Composed for the Guitar over 200 years ago, we often perform this for Christmas. This performance was a special recording for the congregation of St. John's Church in Savannah, GA.

Just the MUSIC
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